Friday, July 23, 2010

Last Full Day in Mexico

Yesterday, Dad, Julio, Emilia, and Levi left me in Puebla and went to San Marcos for the Sanchez Family Reunion 2010. There are fourteen Sanchez brothers and sisters, and they all had plenty of children, so I believe there around 200 participants expected. Unfortunately, Julio will have to explain over and over why I am not there!

On Monday I am going to take the exam offered only once a year to become an internationally certified lactation consultant. The test will be given all around the world, including in Mexico, but since the closest one here would require flying to Guadalajara, I am flying out of Mexico City tomorrow and heading home. I will take the test in Lexington, Kentucky. I have been studying the whole vacation (I think it is much easier to study away from home). I have learned so much - things I never knew before - the Innocenti Delcaration, the Bellagio Consensus, how many ounces of milk a baby needs according to weight . . . well, maybe I haven´t quite memorized that yet, but I´ll have it by Monday.

Today I am with Julio´s Dad and his wife. We are going to take a bus to Mexico City, and I will get to visit Mexico´s Temple Square. The Mayan-inspired temple has a visitor´s center next door. I am looking forward to visiting this last tourist stop on my way back to Louisville!

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